Hospice: Skin Deep - A Horror One Shot (NSFW)

Created by David A Byrne

Trouble follows exotic dancer Sarrah everywhere she goes, but things take a turn when she is targeted by the Rising Suns Hospice...

Latest Updates from Our Project:

2nd Stretch Goal Unlocked and going live on Wine and Comics!
2 months ago – Fri, Sep 22, 2023 at 04:37:06 PM

We've made it to stretch goal #3!

Thank you all for being here, so far things are going great.

We've unlocked 2 stretch goals and I'm happy to announce that stretch goal number is a print of Jay Ferguson's sketch for his cover for all physical backers!

I'm cooking up so more goodies for future stretch goals if we can keep opening them!

Time is running out!

We have two of the campaigns ending on Monday, this means you're running out of time to get all 6 Eranga connecting covers...

Travis Gibb's No Freedom in Texas and Russell Nohelty's One Damned Good Thing both end on Monday, so go over and check them out now!

No Freedom in Texas
One Damned Good Thing

These connecting covers are going to expire, so get in while you still can!

Live on Wine and Comics

Live on 9/22/2023 8PM EST!

We'll be talking about Hospice and other stuff, plus Dave and Dallas pair a wine with Skin Deep...


Something on the spicier side...

Cremisi plus Mistress Izumi's ADULT Lessons!

From our friends over at Astral Ticket:

Check it out Here!

Awesome Day 1! Stretch goal one already unlocked! Jay Ferguson full art is live!
2 months ago – Tue, Sep 19, 2023 at 06:35:34 PM

Wow, you guys rock!

Thank you so much everyone, you've helped us crush our day 1 of the campaign!

Not only did we fund today, we already made it through stretch goal #1 before I could even post what it was!

(It's an 11x17 poster of the main cover by the way)

So let's add the next!

If you've backed any of my other campaigns, you know I love the refrigerator magnet, so that's next! (physical stretch goals only for physical backers)

Jay Ferguson art revealed!

When we launched we only had a sketch of Jay's cover. Jay wouldn't stand for this. So he pulled an all nighter and finished his version of Sarrah in full color and it's, well, look for yourself...

available in NSFW as well

I don't know about you, but I love it!

In other news...All 6 Hospice campaigns are funded!

How awesome is that? I really think all of the campaigns have built off those that came before them.

If you haven't checked out the other 6 campaigns, you have 6 days left to get in on the first two ending!

Eranga Devasurendra Hospice Connecting Cover Set

That means, if you are wanting those connecting covers there is no chance any letters will be missing!


Thank you all again for the support and helping making this a banger of a day one!